All Rack Solutions

All Rack Solutions, is a Los Angeles based company that provides design, manufacture and installation services of Rack and Rail products for warehousing storage and material handling.

Services Provided

  • Designed and built their website
  • Designed their logo
  • Designed printed branding materials – 2019

This version of the website is built with WordPress and WooCommerce for some pretty complex shopping cart functionality.

Breaking the products up into categories is pretty straight forward and basic stuff for most shopping carts. Things got a bit different when we got to the individual products.

A lot of the individual products have 50+ variations in size dimensions and weight capacity. Usually in a shopping cart, variations are handled with a dropdown menu. It’s a good option for a product with a few choices, but 20, 30, 50 or more, it becomes very tedious and confusing to use. I figured out a way to layout the variations in a table format for easier scanning, to better find the correct variation for each customer’s specific need.

The website is responsive (lays-out well on all screen sizes), has a simple color pallet with a bold high contrast layout to allow you to focus on the important information, while still keeping it easy to find any other information you are looking for.

Go see it for yourself.

All Rack Solutions Branding

Here are some branding/marketing materials I made to help them get the word out better. – 2007

This version of the website was all hand coded with HTML, PHP and CSS. No automation here, it was all built and maintained by hand! Truth be told, it was a pretty simple and basic brochure website. No shopping cart, but full product catalog listings, contact info, a contact form and basic company information.

The website had a nice friendly design with a very simple color pallet, that was very easy to figure out and find what you were looking for. It served them well for a lot of years. I had a lot of fun building this one.