I’ve had the pleasure of doing work for some amazing people! My great thanks to all of them. Find a selection of clients below to see some of the projects we’ve done together.

  • Stay True Pigment

    Owned and operated by Erik Nitz, in Darmstadt, Germany. Stay True Pigment, makes hand crafted artist pigments and other supplies. Erik, also owns Iron Monkey Tattoo, and is one of my favorite clients to do projects for.

    Services Provided

    • Branding/Identity design
    • Label design for the pigment bottles
    • Packaging design for the needles
    • Several other banners and graphics

    See Stay True Pigment Projects

  • Iron Monkey Tattoo

    Iron Monkey Tattoo

    Erik Nitz, opened Iron Monkey Tattoo in 1996. He also owns and operates Stay True Pigment. After doing several projects for Stay True, I was asked to do some projects for Iron Monkey Tattoo. I am very lucky to have such a great client.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website
    • Designed several banners and graphics that adorn the outside of the tattoo shop
    • Designed a couple graphics that got used for t-shirts

    See Iron Monkey Tattoo Projects

  • Immaculate Tattoo

    An old school, traditional tattoo shop, owned by Aaron Coleman, that does mostly custom work. Almost all of the “flash” that covers the walls from floor to ceiling is hand drawn and painted by the tattooers who work in the shop or have done guest spots there. I am blessed to have Aaron, as one of my best friends and his shop is filled with some of my favorite people on the planet.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website
    • Branding/Identity design
    • Layout for their business cards, promotional materials and merchandise – ie. books, tshirts, stickers
    • Prepare their original artwork for reproduction

    See Immaculate Tattoo Projects

  • Monolith on the Mesa

    Monolith on the Mesa is an epic Music Festival, in the truly spectacular location of Taos, New Mexico, focused around the heavy rock genre (Heavy Psych, Stoner, Retro Rock, Sludge, Space Rock, Doom, Drone) held on the grounds of Taos Mesa Brewing and Hotel Luna Mystica, it is something to be experienced for sure.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website
    • Designed marketing materials

    See Monolith on the Mesa Projects

  • Trufant Bros Tattoo

    Alex and Aubrey Trufant, are both Airforce veterans. After their Military service, they learned to tattoo and now own and operate Trufant Bros Tattoo, in San Angelo, Texas. In addition to their tattoo shop, they also host the annual, West Texas Tattoo Convention. I am grateful to have them as my friends!

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website

    See Trufant Bros Tattoo Projects

  • Diamond Mind Tattoo

    Diamond Mind Tattoo

    Owned and operated by Tim Creed, in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. Tim got a hold of me in late 2018. He asked me to build him a website, which was launched early 2019. Tim, is a great person to do work for. Thank you Sir!

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website

    See Diamond Mind Tattoo Projects

  • Pair-o-Dice Tattoo

    Legendary Tattooer Richard Stell, his wife Jennifer Stell, and many awesome cohorts, now in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at Pair-o-Dice Tattoo. It’s an honor to have them as my friends and equally an honor to be able to do work for.

    Services Provided

    • Built their website
    • Book cover design
    • Stickers
    • Poster/Shirt Graphics

    See Pair-o-Dice Tattoo Projects

  • All Rack Solutions

    All Rack Solutions

    All Rack Solutions, is a Los Angeles based company that provides design, manufacture and installation services of Rack and Rail products for warehousing storage and material handling.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website
    • Designed their logo
    • Designed printed branding materials

    See All Rack Solutions Projects

  • Magical Tattoo

    Magical Tattoo

    Magical Tattoo, in Taos, New Mexico, is owned and operated by Dano Sanchez. They work in all styles, are clean, sterile, efficient and very serious about their craft! Dano is also one of the founders of Monolith on the Mesa (rock festival). A very good friend of mine and I’m glad to be able to work with him.

    Services Provided

    • I designed and built their website
    • Graphic design for ads and brochures

    See Magical Tattoo Projects

  • Mando Rascon

    Mando Rascon

    Mando Rascon, is a Tattooer at Fifth Estate Tattoo, in Gilbert, Arizona. Before that he worked at Immaculate Tattoo, in Mesa, Arizona. He is one of my dearest friends and I love to get to do projects for him.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built his website
    • Design and layout for business cards, banners and merchandise… books, t-shirts, stickers, etc.

    See Mando Rascon Projects

  • Shagbuilt

    Tattooer, Mike “The Shag” Kruse, builds hand crafted precision tattoo machines with old-time craftsmanship and attention to detail like a true professional and tradesman should. No gimmicks, just solid machines!

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built his website

    See Shagbuilt Projects

  • How To Germany

    How To Germany

    How To Germany, is the one stop shop for information about Moving To, Living and Working in Germany, for English speaking expats.

    I started work for How To Germany, in early 2003 and continue to this day. The website and magazine were pre-existing products. I was brought on board to update the look of the the website while keeping the layout and file structure mostly intact to not break existing links from other sites to specific articles, as well as provide ad production and design services for the print magazine.

    Services Provided

    • Redesigned and rebuilt their website
    • Recoded the content for better accessibility & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Graphic design, layout and ad production

    See How To Germany Projects

  • Getting Around

    Getting Around Guide

    The Getting Around Guides are a series of Military branch specific, information guides for US and NATO Military Bases and Installations throughout the world. Providing information and contact details about available services on or around each Installation. All the detailed, basic facts you need to know to get by, in one handy guide.

    Services Provided

    • Redesigned and rebuilt their website
    • Recoded the content for better accessibility & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Graphic design, layout and ad production

    See Getting Around Projects

  • Enjoy Tours

    Enjoy Tours

    Enjoy Tours, provided bus tours to European destinations, catering specifically to the American Military personnel and their families stationed in Germany. Enjoy Tours, were the only tour company to pick-up from EVERY Military base across all of Germany, to Leave No Soldier Behind! Unfortunately the Military market shifted to a point that Enjoy Tours closed up shop in 2009.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built their website
    • Design for print brochures
    • Design for advertising

    See Enjoy Tours Projects

  • R.K. Sloane

    R.K. Sloane, was an artist. Being rejected from the High Brow art world, he along with fellow artist Robt. Williams, coined the term Low Brow, to describe the genre of art they were in, which grew out of the underground comics scene from the 1970s. Fortunately he left behind a huge body of work before his passing is 2006.

    Services Provided

    • Designed and built his website
    • Made a painting for the top of his website
    • Have been a devoted follower of his since 1990

    See R.K. Sloane Projects