Stay True Pigment

Owned and operated by Erik Nitz, in Darmstadt, Germany. Stay True Pigment, makes hand crafted artist pigments and other supplies. Erik, also owns Iron Monkey Tattoo, and is one of my favorite clients to do projects for.

Services Provided

  • Branding/Identity design
  • Label design for the pigment bottles
  • Packaging design for the needles
  • Several other banners and graphics

Stay True Pigment Label

It all started with the pigment bottle label. From there we had a baseline branding idea to take further for different branding needs like business cards, a banner,  which I remade the label design GINORMOUS, then also based on the label design, I made use-case specific images. A 1-color, tablecloth graphic to use at conventions and another 1 color design for custom packing tape.

Stay True Needles

Then came the packaging design for their needles. It required a cool looking design with room for necessary product specification information that would be automatically generated by the printer for Item Numbers, Expiration Date, Type of Needle Specs and what not.

Stay True Graphics

I did 2 other banner designs that also got repurposed for use as postcards, shirts and stickers.