Immaculate Tattoo

An old school, traditional tattoo shop, owned by Aaron Coleman, that does mostly custom work. Almost all of the “flash” that covers the walls from floor to ceiling is hand drawn and painted by the tattooers who work in the shop or have done guest spots there. I am blessed to have Aaron, as one of my best friends and his shop is filled with some of my favorite people on the planet.

Services Provided

  • Designed and built their website
  • Branding/Identity design
  • Layout for their business cards, promotional materials and merchandise – ie. books, tshirts, stickers
  • Prepare their original artwork for reproduction

Originally they needed a website that better reflected the character of the shop and let their visitors see a selection of their work and available merchandise.

This is the first Tattoo related website I ever built. It is built and maintained completely by hand with HTML, CSS and PHP. The shopping cart/checkout is a custom coded integration with PayPal.

Aaron Coleman is one of my most beloved friends and I was privileged that he let me create him this website. It is very simple in structure, but bold in visual style. It has served Immaculate Tattoo well since 2008.

See it for yourself.

Immaculate Flash Books

The Tattooers at Immaculate Tattoo, are quite prolific drawers and painters. Always working on ideas and improving their designs, while honing and bettering their craft. As a result we have published several books.

The process can be quite tedious at times, but how lucky am I? I get to play with awesome images created by some of my favorite people. A lot of the images ¬†originaly come from large sheets (20″x30″) that need to be cut up and reassembled into 14″x11″ pages. This is where I come in. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle that has no predefined configuration.

I am honored they let me help present their artwork to the world.

Immaculate Shirts & Hoodies

Immaculate Tattoo makes a lot of t-shirts & hoodies. Basically it’s my job to scan the artwork, process it, color correct it, cut it out and get it ready for layout on the garment.

Timeless Vape Pen

Timeless Vapes makes the finest medical grade Cannabis oil vaporizer cartridges and vaporizer pens on the market.

They were inspired to create this Limited Edition 20-Year Anniversary Pack featuring artwork from Aaron Coleman, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Immaculate Tattoo.

I was lucky enough to get to help Aaron design this project and get the files ready for production.

Immaculate Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers?

Rock A Belly

Rock A Belly, is a premier food truck based out of Phoenix, Arizona, known for their award winning tacos and catering. They contacted Aaron Coleman, to draw them a logo. He did the drawing and came to me. He explained that the logo needed to be reproduced huge as a part of a Food Truck Wrap. So I recreated his line drawing and colored it in Adobe Illustrator. This made the graphic Vector and allowed for unlimited resizing. It could be sized to fit on Business Cards, Stickers, Tshirts, Embroidered Chef Coats and blown up Food Truck Size!!! Mission accomplished.

Learn more about Rock A Belly.

Immaculate Collaborations

These are basically images that someone at Immaculate Tattoo created, that needed expanding upon. Maybe I was given linework that needed coloring, or even recreating the linework and then coloring. These are always fun because I get to play with artwork from some of my favorite people!

Find a few examples of these collaborations below.

Immaculate Buttons

Kind of like stickers. Who doesn’t love buttons?

Immaculate 10 Pack Buttons

Yoga Mats

Our friend Jim Naron, from Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga in Colorado asked Aaron Coleman and I to put together some designs to be printed on Yoga Mats. We used an Aaron Coleman image in the forground and I made a background and frame to complete the design.