Pair-o-Dice Tattoo

Legendary Tattooer Richard Stell, his wife Jennifer Stell, and many awesome cohorts, now in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at Pair-o-Dice Tattoo. It’s an honor to have them as my friends and equally an honor to be able to do work for.

Services Provided

  • Built their website
  • Book cover design
  • Stickers
  • Poster/Shirt Graphics

Built with WordPress in 2018. Very simple design based on the look of the outside of their tattoo shop. Makes it easy for first time visitors of the shop to find it based on the look of the website. Beyond that, it features tattooer profiles, shop and contact info and merch sales connected directly to PayPal via custom code I wrote.

See it for yourself.

Pair-o-Dice Graphics

Other stuff I got to do for Pair-o-Dice. Cover for Richard’s line drawing book, a couple stickers, along with a collaboration project between Aaron Coleman, and myself, which resulted in a poster and shirt for their tattoo convention.