Trufant Bros Tattoo

Alex and Aubrey Trufant, are both Airforce veterans. After their Military service, they learned to tattoo and now own and operate Trufant Bros Tattoo, in San Angelo, Texas. In addition to their tattoo shop, they also host the annual, West Texas Tattoo Convention. I am grateful to have them as my friends!

Services Provided

  • Designed and built their website

Trufant Bros Tattoo Projects – 2019

The Trufant Bros Tattoo website is built with WordPress. I made a custom post type to handle the Tattooer profiles with a gallery of work for each and automates the creation of the Tattooers menu. I made a custom post type to handle their foray into Podcasting which collects all the pertinent information for each episode and presents it for playback on the website. I also built a custom post type that gathers all the information needed for their merchandise and connects directly to PayPal for checkout.

See it for yourself.