Diamond Mind Tattoo

Owned and operated by Tim Creed, in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. Tim got a hold of me in late 2018. He asked me to build him a website, which was launched early 2019. Tim, is a great person to do work for. Thank you Sir!

Services Provided

  • Designed and built their website

Diamond Mind Tattoo Projects

DiamondMindTattoo.com – 2019

Super simple and to the point. If you want to know about Diamond Mind Tattoo, it’s all here and easy to find. Tim, got me all the information I needed and set me loose. He needed shop contact details, Tattooer profiles, info about their Laser Removal service and ability to sell merchandise.

I built the website with WordPress. His merchandise needs were simple, so rather than installing a full blown shopping cart, I built a Custom Post Type that gathers all the information needed about a product and connects directly to PayPal for checkout. All transactions happen via email. I also built a Custom Post Type to announce Guest Artists passing through for a short time, that has the ability to set an expiration date on the post, so he doesn’t have to go back into the website to remove them when their visit time has passed.

The first round wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but he was very clear about what he liked and what he didn’t. A little tweaking later and now it lives!

See for yourself. DiamondMindTattoo.com