As a lost and confused young person, I discovered R.K. Sloane in 1990. Upon seeing his artwork, I almost fell to my knees because for the first time I felt there was someone else in the world that understood the thoughts racing around in my head. He and I became great friends. He basically told me I was not broken, there was nothing wrong with me! He was my Mentor and set me free upon the world. Thank you Ric!!!

In 1998, R.K. Sloane’s was the first website I ever built. It’s where this all began for me. Originally the site was presented in a sarcastically dark and deviant tone. It was good for marketing, but really he was the kindest man I had ever known.

After 10+ years it was time to give the site an overhaul. Starting with the concept of R.K. Sloane, as a born again preacher, spreading a message of light to the world. I rewrote all of the text for the website in a new voice, from a brighter and more hopeful point of view, painted a new header graphic, based on several of his paintings, depicting R.K. Sloane as said preacher, then redesigned and restructured the whole site using repurposed images from his artwork.

See it for yourself. RKSloane.com